Xavant Technology is a knowledge-based company with core competencies in Neuromuscular Stimulation, Neuromodulation and Accelerometry.

Xavant Technology gains its competitive advantage by introducing disruptive technologies to high-growth Niche Markets with high entry barriers and little rivalry.

As a knowledge based company, Xavant’s biggest asset lies in its specialised R&D team consisting of a dedicated team of medical and electronic engineers working closely with medical consultants to find innovative product solutions for the latest medical techniques. 


Our strategic vision is to contribute towards a vibrant, healthy an compassionate world.

Mission Statement

Creating electromagnetic cures that target the biological root cause of diseased states increasing treatment efficacy whilst eliminating side effects.

Company Info

Founded: 1995

CEO: Corlius Birkill, MBA, B.Eng(Hons)

Chairman: Roche van Rensburg, M.Eng

Medical Director: Dr. R Raath, MMChB, MMed (Anaes), (Pret.) FIPP (WIP)